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Erie Canal Trail: Between Clinton and Lock 33

Written By: Seth Hendrick

Posted on Monday, 07 September 2020

The Erie Canal Trail is a massive trail that runs through New York State. It is part of the Empire Trail System, which is hundreds of miles of trails. The Erie Canal Trail cuts through Monroe County, and is so big with so many unique segments that it would be impossible to put it all into one article. So, instead, each article on the Erie Canal Trail will be focusing on a specific section of it. Look at the Erie Canal Tag to see all of the posts.

This particular article is all about the Erie Canal Trail between Clinton Ave and Lock 33 Park.


This segment of the Erie Canal Trail is a paved section of trail that goes between Clinton Ave and Lock 33 Park. Assuming you are starting on Clinton Ave, on your right is the Canal itself. On the left, you'll first pass The Reserve on the Erie Canal. You'll then pass Meridian Centre Park on the left, and eventually go under the Winton Road overpass. Before the overpass, there is a path that takes you to Winton Road. After going under the overpass, there is a path that takes you to French road. At this point, it is a straight shot to Lock 33.

At the end of the segment is Lock 33 Park. It is a small park surrounding the lock on the canal. It has a few picnic tables, a water fountain, a bike repair station, and usually has portable bathrooms. Other than looking at the lock itself, there really isn't anything else to do here.

The segment itself is pretty flat. The difference between the maximum and minimum elevation is only a couple of meters. This makes this segment great for beginners (or really anyone) who are not comfortable with big hills.

For the most part, on the canal side of the trail, there is a fair amount of grass just in case you need to bail and need somewhere soft to land. The other side of the trail at times does not have this luxury, especially as you get close to Lock 33.

The segment of the trail between Clinton Ave and Winton Road is illuminated by street lights, so one can see when it starts to get dark out.

Getting to it

Parking is located on Clinton Ave or at Lock 33 Park on Edgewood Avenue. There are also entry-points to the segment from Meridian Centre Park here and here, Winton Road, and French Road.


There really isn't too many hazards with the trail itself. The main hazard is other traffic. Bikers, roller-skaters, pedestrians, and other longboarders to use this trail. I recommend to keep looking over your shoulder so you are not surprised when a person on a bike passes you. Also, keep to the right of the trail as much as possible, and only go to the left side when passing and when no one is going to pass you. I do recommend learning to foot-brake since there will be times where traffic gets so congested where you can't pass, and need to slow down for an opportunity to open up. The last thing you want to do is rear-end someone.

Overall Rating

I give this segment a "cool" rating. The trail is well maintained, is safe to skate on, and is well suited for beginners. However, anyone looking for big hills to go down will probably be disappointed. Also, be mindful of your surroundings, a lot of people use this trail.


Timelapse video of the segment


Segment Data

Clinton Ave to Lock 33


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