Rochester Longboarding Info


During the lock-down of COVID-19, I needed to find a new hobby. So, I decided to try out longboarding. However, I noticed that it wasn't easy to find safe spots for a beginner to longboard. I don't live on a quiet residential street, so I ironically need to drive somewhere in order to longboard safely without the fear of being run over by a car.

Rochester has a lot of trails where one can run or bike safely, but not all of those places are practical to longboard on. Many of the trails here are not paved or just aren't fun to longboard on. It is disheartening realizing "this might be a cool area, oh, its not paved".

So, I decided to create a website that combines my new hobby of longboarding with my main hobby of programming that gives information of practical and safe places to longboard in the Rochester, NY area. The website is 100% open source, and the source code can be found on GitHub. This means anyone can contribute to it, or even fork it and make a similar site for a different city or even a different sport entirely.

My hope is this site can inform people which places are fun to longboard and which places to avoid. So, welcome to this website, have fun browsing, and when you are done, see you on the pavement (and wear a helmet)!